Tony De Vit

One of the best energetic house mixes I have ever come across is the compilation A Retrospective of House ’91-’95: Volume 2 disc 2 mixed by hard house DJ Tony De Vit.

I was fortunate to hear Tony play one of his legendary happy, hard house sets at Trade in Turnmills in London, back in the day when there was a sales booth next to the coat check that sold high-quality-guaranteed-or-your-money-back Volkswagen or Mitsubishi pills. This CD mix encapsulates the extraordinary energy of his djing style and the euphoria that filled Turnmills when Tony played there. Regrettably, Tony died of complications due to HIV aged 41, barely three years after completing this mix. That was a sad day in 1998. His unique sound lives on though, never better than in his two tracks that complete this extraordinary CD:

99th Floor Elevators Featuring Tony De Vit – Hooked

Tony De Vit – Burning Up

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