Obama Takes Blame For Bush

Amnesia was rampant during mid-term US elections this week. Candidates espousing reductions in the size of government, taxation, healthcare reform and financial regulation enjoyed astounding success, including extremist Tea Party politicians. Despite the substantial achievements of the Obama administration in restoring America’s public image in the world, reducing American involvement in costly, failed conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as implementing reform in healthcare and financial institutions during the arguably worst period in American history since the Great Depression, droves of poorly informed, easily manipulated and evolutionarily suspect Americans voted for a return to the grand policies of the George W. Bush era.

A vast number of Americans clearly don’t understand that it takes years to recover from the excessive spending, lax regulation and limited taxation on corporations and high net worth citizens that characterized the unmitigated disaster that was the W. legacy. Instead, they seem to have expected Obama to conjure new jobs, stimulate economic growth and bail out Wall Street, Main Street and unscrupulous and/or incompetent businesses like AIG and GM, all without increasing deficits or taxes.

So, they voted for former Lehman Brothers partner John Kasich and lobbyist lap dog, John Boehner, in Ohio and for the Tea Party in backward places throughout the country. I wonder how many people know that the Tea Party is a political action organization financed by the billionaires Rupert Murdoch and the nefarious Koch brothers to serve corporate interests? There is no patriotism there. Just self-serving sadism executed on unwittingly masochistic morons. As the French philospher Joseph Marie de Maistre stated: “Every country had the government it deserves.”

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