Jabulani World Cup Ball

After a slow start, the World Cup has become highly entertaining with brilliance of Brazil, Germany and Spain on the positive side and the spectacular collapse of France, England, and Italy on the negative.

A recent development of note is that the American space agency Nasa has joined in the criticism of the Jabulani World Cup ball. Aerodynamic experts from Nasa’s Ames Investigation Centre stated the ­Jabulani becomes unpredictable at speeds above 44 mph and also blamed the ball’s light weight of only 440g for its poor flight and lack of ­consistency – known as the ‘knuckle effect’.

It will interesting to see what that Federation of Incompetents, FIFA, does about it.

One Response to “Jabulani World Cup Ball”

  1. Greg Says:
    August 13th, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    The Jabulani is probably the worst ball that I have ever kicked and seen kicked in the history of the World Cup. Why the need to launch a new ball at every tournament? Yes, I know, marketing and sales. But surely if they asked the main users – the players themselves, we would still be playiong with the Adidas Tango or even the Aztec…roll back the years and bring back the good old predictable hand made balls for the sake of all football lovers.
    Not that it stopped us winning the WCup.
    Campeones, campeones, oe, oe, oe!!!

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