Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda – The Space Between Us

Dominik Eulberg has been on an extraordinary roll during the last twelve months. His techno is just getting better and better, demonstrating his finesse and appreciation for melody balanced by layers of rough unusual sounds that give his work unrivaled texture and emotion.

Earlier in the summer he released a fantastic summer techno track, perfect for outdoor festivals and big spaces. Called “Opel Tantra” it builds slowly before unleashing a growling bassline that will have dogs barking and ladies crossing their legs if they’re not dancing already. Unfortunately, there is not an official, full-length version online.

Even better though is his recent collaboration with Gabriel Ananda. A melodic techno anthem of epic proportions, “The Space Between Us” is a masterpiece to be enjoyed throughout the summer and beyond.

Rone – Parade

Young Parisian DJ and producer Rone has a limited catalogue of releases and mixes to date. However, the quality of his work is simply outstanding. Rone’s techno is sublime, subtle, melodic and slightly melancholic.

His latest track “Parade” is more exultant. It’s the type of track you could listen to a few times in a row and still be thrilled. Aptly named and accompanied by an incredible video embedded below, “Parade” is taken from Rone’s second album. Out on Infiné, Agoria’s Paris-based label, the album ‘Tohu Bohu’ will be released November 5th.

In the meantime, get your hands on Rone’s first album “Spanish Breakfast” from 2009. Delicious!

Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Tristesse

Very few electronic musicians possess the brilliance and consistency of the German duo, Kollektiv Turmstrasse. In January 2008, I wrote a review for the fantastic music blog about their single “Tristesse.” I noted that:

“Modest and magnificent at once, this release begins with gentle, lush synths and twitters of sound like those of a magical forest awakening at dawn. A full minute later percussion, snare, and bass join the landscape to add a direction and a groove. Once the plucked main synth joins the fray, you can almost glimpse woodland nymphs popping up between the trees in tempo with the mellow beat. Countless swirls, flourishes, percussive effects and sound droplets, all intricately interspersed, weave in and out throughout the remainder of the track to form a symphonic panorama of beauty and detail only reliably found in the great outdoors itself.

Christian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann have conjured a delightful daydream whose spell will last for years to come.”

Late last year, I was thrilled to discover the pairing of this magnificent track with a stunning sequence from Disney’s Fantasia 2000. It turns out my impression of the track was surprisingly close to the vision of the musicians…

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